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“Reforming Learning and Learning to Reform” Symposium

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Date:     Saturday, May 28th, 2005  
日期:     2005年 5 月28日 星期六  
Time:     9:00am - 4:30pm  
時間:     上午九時至下午四時三十分
Venue:     Rayson Huang Theatre, University of Hong Kong
地點:     香港大學 黃麗松講堂
Organized by:     Centre for Information Technology in Education
Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR
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主辦機構:    香港大學教育應用資訊科技發展研究中心

This symposium is an effort to bring the education community together to establish a dialogue on learning, reforming learning and learning to reform.
一個匯聚各界,談學習、論教改的難得機會。對談的主角包括學生、教師、 校長、家長及教育決策者。

Background of the Symposium

The education reform started with the revisit of Aims of Education in 1999 and the formal launch of the curriculum reform document Learning to Learn in 2000 has basically changed the discourse in schools. It can be said that all the changes that were made since then at the system level, including the reform in senior secondary structure and curriculum (“3 + 3 + 4”) and the revised MOI policy are efforts to support the achievement of the same goals establish in 2000 to reform learning goals and learning practices. These are all efforts to Reform Learning . However, it is often the case that reform efforts are perceived as isolated structural changes so that schools and teachers get buried in the day-to-day pragmatics of implementations. The focus of attention becomes shifted away from the challenge of achieving the new learning goals to finding ways of adopting new activity structures and practices.
以一九九九年制定的「教育目標」、及二千年正式推出的學會學習課程改革文件為 序幕的新一輪教育改革,至今已成為教育界的關注重點。近期推動的改變大致上都發生在 制度的層面,包括高中學制及課程改革(“3+3+4”)、及教學語言政策的檢討,都可以理解 為承接著二千年所制定的改革綱領而進行的具體變革。這些努力無非是為了進一步從學習 目標及模式的層面 改革學習 。然而,不同的教改項目在實踐中常被 處理為個別的制度上的轉變,學校和教師因而容易陷入每日不斷的行政勞碌之中,關注的 焦點更從如何達致新的學習目標,變成找方覓法適應新的制度方式和教學生態。

We now face the next big challenge – sustaining and extending the impact of the reform efforts achieved so far. It is often the case of reform initiatives around the world that what gets noticed and disseminated are often the activity structures and curriculum resources that were generated. The adoption of these resources and activities alone may not achieve real gains in learning outcome and changes in learning practices, and may even become burdensome and meaningless. We need to Learn to Reform in order to sustain and extend the fruits of our reform.
我們現正面對如何使教改成果持續及擴展的重大挑戰。根據世界各地的教改經驗, 制度形式和課程內容的變更往往最引人注目及惹起談論。然而單單採用這些內容及形式不 一定能真正提升學習成果,甚至可能變成沒意義的負擔。我們必需從教改實踐中不斷學習 、反思,從而提昇我們對教育改革的認識,擴大教改的成效。

  • Understanding learning, understanding how people learn is the key to Reforming Learning

  • Understanding the impact of different learning experiences and reform initiatives is the key to Learning about Reforms

  • Schools and communities as learning organizations: Learning to Reform
    持續教改成效,學校與有關社群須成為學習團體: 教改也是可以研習的課題

    This one day symposium is an effort to bring the education community together to establish a dialogue on learning, reforming learning and learning to reform. The dialogue will involve students, teachers, principals, parents and policy makers.
    是次一整天的研討會期望能匯聚整個教育界,一起談學習、論教改。對談的主 角包括學生、教師、校長、家長、及教育決策者。

    Guest Speakers

    Prof. Yuk Shan Wong, City University of Hong Kong
    黃 玉 山 教 授 香港城市大學
    Mrs. Fanny Law, Education & Manpower Bureau
    羅 范 椒 芬 女 士 教育統籌局
    Dr. K. K. Chan, Curriculum Development Institute, EMB
    陳 嘉 琪 博 士 課程發展處 教育統籌局
    Prof. Marlene Scardamalia, University of Toronto
    Prof. Marlene Scardamalia, 多倫多大學
    Prof. Therese Laferriere, Universite Laval
    Prof. Therese Laferriere, Universite Laval
    Prof. Kai Ming Cheng, University of Hong Kong
    程 介 明 教 授 香港大學

  •   Acknowledgement:  
       Quality Education Fund (QEF), Research Grants Council (RGC) & University Grants Committee (UGC) 
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