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Collaborative Knowledge Building

Traditionally, schools are dominated by the teacher-led chalk-and-talk approach. Most of the time, there may not be enough time for students to discuss in class because of the tight teaching schedule and arrangement. In this circumstance, Knowledge Forum (KF) can provide a room for students to have discussion and to develop their independent and critical thinking. Through the discussion and mutual learning process, students are actually forming a knowledge-building community. And in this community, students have to produce, share and advance the knowledge of the collective. In this case, the roles of students have changed from that of clients to that of participants and workers in the community. Hence, there is a shift from teacher-directed approach to a more student-centred learning. It helps trace out students' own paths of constructing knowledge collaboratively with teacher's guidance and monitoring.

The collaborative knowledge-building approach is very important to students not only in the sense that it can help develop better thinking, analytical, enquiry and problem-solving skills, but it also paves the way for student to develop their life-long learning abilities and attitudes. This works in line with the recent curriculum reform advocated by the Education Commission report on life-long learning towards 21st century in Hong Kong, which emphasizes the importance of learning how to learn.

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