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Project-based teamwork

Project-based teamwork is valued as students are required to work together for knowledge sharing, knowledge building and problem-solving, and thus provide them with opportunities to be acculturated as members of a knowledge community. Over the last couple of years, it has also become extremely popular in Hong Kong schools to assign group projects to students. This was often justified on the grounds that project work promotes the information retrieval and self-directed learning abilities of students. Projects can bring students real world contexts that involve issues and topics which help to situate and promote authentic learning as well as improve transfer.

Furthermore, because of its scale and complexity, project work is often organized on a group collaborative basis. In this circumstance, it not only helps develop the ability of students to manage tasks and activities and improves students' academic achievement, but it also enhances member's ability to work with other people, their leadership skills and understanding of the research topic. It is why project-based learning is viewed as a good adjutant educational tool to the teacher-centred delivery.

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